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Action Youth Film Screenings

Thanks to grant sponsorship and the artistry of Phil Hamer, we have a film of our stage play Action that we are sharing with youth across St. Louis City and County.

The film brings to life the St. Louis civil rights movement, encouraging civic engagement, direct action, and community building.  


Our Film

Our film Action is a chronicle and celebration of Percy Green II, a St. Louis civil rights figure who greatly impacted the fight against discrimination and racism. The story follows his dedicated group of St. Louis activists (ACTION) and the 1972 “unveiling” of the Veiled Prophet King. The story reminds audiences of the inherent power every person has to create positive social change, and challenge systemic racism and poverty in their community.

Our Audience

The community elders who entrusted us with their story asked that we share it with the next generation, so we are taking our film into schools and community spaces. Sponsorships and donations help us use the film to engage St. Louis youth, ages 12-18, in local civil rights history and nonviolent social change methods, building community and hope.

AAC Action Members 1 (1).jpg

Our Goal

We want to share this story of hope and social change with the next generation of change makers in our city. Our film is also a dynamic way to incorporate Missouri Learning Standards in Social Studies and Fine Arts into a classroom, demonstrating how the civil rights movement relates to students day to day lives as engaged citizens. Action brings to life examples of nonviolence, activism, and community organizing.

If you would like to share Action with your students or youth community,
please reach out for more information on pricing and availability. 

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